Go cloud. Go now.

It is happening now, it has already happened. Analytics has gone cloud. Cloud computing has reached the maturity of business as usual to offer superior and amazing capabilities for BI and analytics. There will be no other way in the future, actually there is no other way today. Below I am sharing why all three leading public cloud platforms are good:  

AWS is amazing

We have repeated our reference implementation (analytics engine architecture) with 10+ customers and I can guarantee that AWS is amazing.

-          Elasticity is the differentiator. When we needed 1000 servers to run a huge elastic map reduce work load in 12 hours, we reserved the capacity. And then released. And we paid only what we used.

-          Redshift beats all traditional DWHs with cost/performance. You get a greatly performing columnar storage with 10% of price vs any traditional DWH. And you set the HW&SW during one business day.

-          Tableau and Redshift is a match made in heaven. That combination just works.

-          Real time pipeline with Kinesis is business as usual. You can go easily to do real time analytics.

See Bigdatapump MD’s (Martti R.) top5 new releases that were announced in re:invent October/2015. Those will be the keys to maintain the superiority of AWS…

Azure is amazing very soon

While ago I thougt that MS has lost the battle. No way! They are more relevant than ever. MS is marching in a superior stack to compete with AWS. Finally.

Our Azure reference architecture is building on: Event Hub – Data Factory – SQLDW – Machine Learning - Power BI and this is a fully competitive (and innovative) stack. We have gained visibility also for the future releases and can only say it works.  Battle with AWS will be exciting, AWS is having a head start but MS is owning an existing relationship with large B2B customers.

Google is offering the marketing data

With all the search and advertising data Google offers an amazing platform for customer behavioural data and analytics. You can build so much on that data, quickly getting, for instance, your marketing attribution models in place