Tableau Conference 2015 Las Vegas - My top 5 findings

Last week I had a chance to attend Tableau conference with almost 10 000 data enthusiast in Las Vegas! There were many different tracks to choose from. As there is data everywhere, Tableau presents its powerful influence in many areas. Many successful customer stories are proof of Tableau being really a tool for analysing big data anywhere, anytime and by anyone! Have you tried it already?

My top 5 findings are:

1.       Developers on the stage

 Are you ready for great improvements? Here are some of the coming improvements:

·         Date wrangling: Whatever date type you have Tableau will understand it with choosing field as date

·         Union query and customizing with wildcard search

·         Data highlighter with filter search

·         Cross database join!

·         Post codes to many more countries, also Europe included

·         Custom territories in a map – create easily your own areas just by dragging

·         Sheet included in a tooltip

·         Drag and drop analytics: for example, reference lines as a filter or a colour

·         Web interactors (server): version control, tailored home page

·         Device specific dashboard and device preview!

·         Vizable app available for free now!

2.       50 Shades of Data: A Zen Master’s Guide to colour

One of my key interest areas is that visualization is clear and understandable, so this session was great! You should never use pie charts and I learned that red and green colours are even worse than a pie chart! Up to 1/10 of users are colour-blind. To find correct colours you may want to use this

3.       Tableau and Amazon Redshift

Tableau has a direct connection to Amazon Redshift and the customer cases had a common message: Tableau and Amazon Redshift together rock! With just a few clicks you can analyse a huge amount of data without coding skills. Among reasons why customers have chosen Redshift are:

-          Production environment up and running under 3 hours

-          No query performance impact as table width grows

-          Works seamlessly with Tableau

-          Usage logging and performance monitoring /alerting out of the box

4.       Keynote: Dr. Hannah Fry

A very interesting speaker, mathematician dr Hannah Fry, uses math to examine patterns in human behaviour. If you thought mathematics is boring – not after this session. Great examples of analysing the 24-hour traffic in London or criminal cases in a map to locate the criminal. This just summarises that everyone needs the data and everyone needs the way to see it!

5.       Tips to Becoming a Tableau Jedi

Create visualization and performance tips by Marc Rueter. I felt so inspired after this session so I wanted to create one example showing the scatter plot in a different way:!/vizhome/Visualtips/Visualstory.

As a summary, Tableau conference is a great event to connect people. Tableau also knows how to make a good party and that we certainly had on Tuesday Data Night Out at Fremont Street! Will you be attending to the next year big event in Texas Austin?