How industrial internet is changing manufacturing

Data and analytics are revolutionizing factories. Assembly lines are no longer just back-to-back machines composed of nuts and bolts, but complex systems of sensors and microprocessors constantly sending information up into the cloud. In traditional manufacturing industries where market leaders can no longer be told apart by their R&D capabilities or end product quality, improvements in processing power and ubiquitous wireless connectivity have unlocked the opportunity to compete in the gathering and application of information.

As the equipment becomes more digitized, industrial facilities will use this Internet of Things to improve energy efficiency, monitor remotely and both estimate and control productivity. This new dynamic is also profoundly challenging product manufacturers’ historical service paradigm – instead of interacting with the customer only during the sale or in the form of a warrant, manufacturers need to support users while they are buying, installing and using them.

Stera Technologies, a group specializing in serial production of mechanics and electronics with 400+ employees and 60MEUR turnover, saw a new source of growth in creating a business model that seamlessly integrates hardware and software. Through a network of motion, infrared and temperature sensors, Stera gathers real-time information in order to control its production process efficiency and capacity. In near future the data will also be available to Stera’s customers as a part of continuous, open ended customer experience.

Bigdatapump is working together with more innovative clients similar to Stera at the interface of IoT and analytics. The era of smart, connected products is changing the industry trajectory, and the companies that will thrive are those most eager to embrace the opportunity of this ever-expanding network of intelligent devices. However, if IoT is still a relatively new thing in your organization be not afraid - every transformation starts with a small step towards the right direction. Get in touch and let’s discuss.