BIGDATAPUMP’s next strategic steps

BIGDATAPUMP’s next strategic steps

As an entrepreneur, the need to reflect on the most optimal approach to continue our company’s success story is always present. How do we optimally serve our customers, how do we attract and maintain the top talent, how do we choose the right steps forward? So far, we have succeeded in growing our company substantially year after year, as well as in creating a loyal customer base and a highly committed internal team innovating with us in big data analytics. But how to keep the company on the success path in the future?

Year 2016 was again great for BIGDATAPUMP. We have exceeded our financial targets and reached some other major milestones during the year. Our customer base has grown and diversified. We have been able to build cloud analytics business for the Industry segment, especially through the successful cooperation with Microsoft.

At the same time, we realize that the market is growing even faster than our company does, and the customer need is clearly moving from individual ramp-up projects to longer-term service co-operations involving continuous development, maintenance, and operations.  Finding the right talent has become harder than finding the right customer. It is also evident that remarkable international success will require substantial investments.

Tapping the momentum and growth potential

During the past 12 months, we have analyzed different organic and inorganic approaches for improved customer service and growth in 2017 and onwards. As a result of a thorough reflection of our strategic options, BIGDATAPUMP’s shareholders have made a unanimous decision to select the inorganic path and join forces with Affecto. Today we have made an agreement with Affecto to purchase all BIGDATAPUMP’s shares.

We consider the co-operation with Affecto to be the best option for BIGDATAPUMP for three main reasons:

  • Affecto is a leading company for data and Business Intelligence solutions in Finland. Affecto operates in scale, and there is a huge potential for BIGDATAPUMP to tap into Affecto’s existing solid processes for 24/7 services and near shoring capabilities.
  • BIGDATAPUMP will channel the momentum begun in Finland into other Northern European markets. With Affecto, a well-established challenger in the Scandinavian analytics markets, we will tap into the fast-growing Scandinavian cloud analytics market. Together we will serve Affecto’s existing customer base and reach totally new customers with our unique portfolio of cloud analytics services.
  • Affecto is in the process of making a complete turnaround from a traditional BI firm into a grid of independently accountable and innovative units. Trust me, I’ve seen behind the curtain. For instance, they have built some superior skills developing VR and mobility solutions that will now be powered with data science capabilities that BIGDATAPUMP develops.

I seriously believe that through this arrangement, BIGDATAPUMP and Affecto will together become a leading big data and analytics company in Northern Europe. We will power data driven businesses with cloud analytics.

Cherishing the start-up spirit

This is not a traditional acquisition. Building upon the great first years as start-up entrepreneurs, myself and Martti will continue to be fully accountable for building BIGDATAPUMP’s future success. We will build the future upon the existing company values – we are committed to remaining an innovative, international and reliable start-up company. We will remain a hungry start-up. We will start and end every discussion with customer value.

Personally, I am convinced that this decision will enable us to shift gears and become a total solution provider to even better serve our customers’ future needs, attracting the right talent & ensuring international expansion.

Together we will all make the year 2017 be the final breakthrough for cloud analytics!