Data Science is the new BI

Data Science is the new BI

Cloud analytics have changed the world big time. BIGDATAPUMP is an independent and objective solution provider using always the best fit technology for each purpose. Personally I have not written earlier about any specific analytics technology but this time I decided to make an exception. Microsoft and Azure deserve a special focus.

I have been involved with Business Intelligence since 1997 (starting with Cognos cubes, Qlik, Tableau). To be honest, not much has changed in those past 20 years in the BI area. By contrast, it has been almost a quarterly revolution in cloud analytics since 2012, when I started with AWS and continued to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is leading the BI revolution by taking analytics into the cloud and by integrating data science with traditional business intelligence.

Business Intelligence is clearly moving towards data science. In 2016 we are not anymore running reports from the past data but also including data science capabilities like Machine learning and pattern detection into decision making processes. The reason for the transition is easy-to-use analytics solutions and improved analytics skills available. Traditional leaders in advanced analytics solutions (e.g. SAS) are challenged by open source solutions (R, Python) and by those companies who are wisely including open source in their offering (I strongly recommend to read Ville’s blog on the topic:

Microsoft is one of the game changers

Microsoft does very well what Microsoft is good at: bringing the data science available for any company iand democratizing the analytics. Azure is the platform that offers the most complete analytics end-to-end platform consisting a full list of PaaS (platform services) components fitting really well together. Microsoft has a solution stack having services for real time data ingestion, storage services, machine learning, visualization and BI available. Azure has incorporated wisely open source (R and Python) components into their analytics offering.

 I believe that Microsoft’s strategy on Azure data and analytics is driving the transition from traditional reporting to data science. Our team has analyzed each individual component in the Microsoft stack, and I recommend to read the details about Azure offering here:

Overall Architecture:


Data science:

First week of July I was privileged to attend WPC (Microsoft’s global partner event) in Toronto with 16 000 other partner representatives. What became evident starting from Sataya Nadella’s day 1 keynote was that data is in the center of the Microsoft strategy. It became also evident that companies who have experience in cloud BI and data science are the most needed partners for MS and are in a sweet spot.

BIGDATAPUMP is a Microsoft partner developing analytics solutions on Azure. We are a leading analytics company in Europe and MEA developing highly advanced concepts and analytics solutions for its customers in multiple business branches. We are working in the center of the digital transformation, building intelligent and analytics driven digital services.