Reaching out to heights with more muscles


Reaching out to heights with more muscles

This Autumn Bigdatapump turned 5 years. I can still remember like yesterday the early times in the company’s first headquarters, our garage in Kuusisto, Kaarina - and this year reached a double digit revenue-level in millions of Euros. Amazing. Definitely we did not plan this growth and success with my bro Martti.

Our core has been very simple from the beginning:

  • We are here to solve our customers’ analytical challenges – with high curiosity as the driver.
  • We knew it’s about talent and attitude – finding the right people is the key to success.

Our team of experts has been the reason for all this good to happen. Every day I learn something new from this super smart group of data enthusiasts. Our core has remained and we have scaled from one country and 30 people to 5 countries and soon 100 people.

September this year CGI made a public bid on Affecto. Today we are part of CGI, a group of 71 000 other professionals. What does it mean?  

I’ve spent the past 3 months figuring that out.

First of all, this three-month learning journey has taught me a lot, especially about myself. I had a bunch of assumptions, and many of them turned out to be wrong. CGI has tens of dimensions – I knew maybe 2 or 3 of those before. Yes, CGI runs large outsourcing and systems integration cases. But when I took a closer look, CGI runs a lot innovation and futuristic “James Bond” stuff, too.

After super-honest and direct discussions with CGI management, we have found a solid position for Bigdatapump within CGI. I personally believe that this position will take us to achieve next steps in serving our customers.


“In the future Bigdatapump will be
Advanced Analytics Solutions, CGI Northern Europe.”


Advanced Analytics Solutions is well positioned as a part of CGI Northern Europe. We are there next to CGI Sweden, CGI Finland and other key Northern Europe markets. This means that we are empowered – and demanded – to continue building on our core and strengths: superior talent that will work in joint innovation and deep co-operation processes with our customers. We will have a unique opportunity taking our success story to full scale in North Europe and beyond! 

CGI client access will get us to places we could never imagined to get to – and our existing clients will get much more muscles from us. Together with CGI, we have already created a unique capability to serve our customers on analytics 24/7 operations. CGI also enables us to move from mainly project based approach to long-term customer value generating operation models. Furthermore, CGI will be the key to further productize our Analytics Operations.

We will be a unique piece in CGI puzzle. In the near future Bigdatapump will be Advanced Analytics Solutions, CGI Northern Europe. So Bigdatapump as a company name seizes to exist.

Martti, myself and the other founding members are highly excited and committed to maintain our core and scale it to new heights. We will maintain the focus on solving our clients’ analytical challenges, even in bigger scale and with stronger long-term impact.

But before getting there, let’s have a relaxing break. Happy holidays to everyone!