Key take-aways from Microsoft Build & BIGDATAPUMP’s Gold Partnership

Key take-aways from Microsoft Build & BIGDATAPUMP’s Gold Partnership

Microsoft Build was organized once again a couple of weeks back. The internet is full of articles listing all the latest products and services announced at the event so I'm not going to bore you by making another list. I'm sure you are already aware of them. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Build, it is first and foremost about launching new products. Microsoft shares its vision about the future, what kind of products they have created for it and what is their philosophy around them. Historically, Microsoft Build has been around Windows and Office products. 2017 marks as the first year when Azure was THE topic on first day's keynote presentation. Microsoft (as all the competitors) is having a strategy: cloud first, mobile-first — but what differentiates Microsoft from the competition? 
The way I see it, there are two things that separate the current cloud providers in the market. The key differentiators are:

  • Approaches to Hybrid cloud model
  • The approach for and the level of Serverless (PaaS & SaaS) offering

I believe in hybrid cloud model as my daily work mainly constitutes of building fit-for-purpose analytics solutions for our customers. A lot of the data is born in an on-premise environment. Sometimes you need to control your processes with your analytics solution and require really low latencies. Sometimes your factory (data) is located in a place you simply don't have the capacity cost efficiently to stream everything into cloud. Ultimately, most of the large companies absolutely need a hybrid model. It just doesn't make sense put everything into cloud. As great as it would be.
At BIGDATAPUMP we are mainly using serverless architecture while implementing cloud analytics solutions for our customers. Reasons being, that we just don't like to spend our time and money on tasks that don't bring added value to our customers. On the contrary, we like to focus on fast high quality deliveries, which enables our customers to transform and enhance their business. Additionally, serverless architecture require less maintenance effort than more traditional architecture options.

These are the things we believe in and these are the things we look for in a partner. Let's have a look at the message that Microsoft delivered during Build.

  • Artificial Intelligence was all over the event. There were many new Cognitive Services APIs launched and Azure Batch AI Training was introduced for training deep neural networks. Pretty much everyone agrees that AI will be a game changer and also Microsoft is investing in developing new serverless offering. Microsoft's vision is to put AI where the data is. That is hybrid.
  • Azure IoT Edge is bringing Azure analytics capabilities to Edge nodes. Hybrid.
  • Azure Stack will be bringing Azure services to on-premise environment. Hybrid.
  • AI add-in for PowerPoint accounted for the best WOW effect demo. It translates the speech of the presenter to text in your language in real-time during the presentation. It is basically removing the language barrier so you can follow PowerPoint presentations even if you don’t share a common language. Perfect example of what adding AI to your product could deliver to your customers.

To sum everything up, Nadella nailed it in his keynote:

"There is a change in the paradigm. We are moving from a world of cloud first, mobile first to a new world that is going to be made up of Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge."

By Intelligent Cloud he means serverless architecture and AI, and by Intelligent Edge he means running the necessary Azure services using hybrid edge nodes as he went on to explain during his keynote. I couldn't agree more with him.

We agree with Microsoft’s vision of future which lays the foundation for our partnership. I am also thrilled to share that BIGDATAPUMP has attained the Microsoft Gold Partner status with Cloud Platform competency.
The Cloud Platform competency is for Microsoft Partners to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure. The high demand for advanced analytics solutions on Cloud is driving Azure consumption on a global scale. As a Gold Partner, BIGDATAPUMP is continuously delivering AI, IoT and Data Platform solutions to customers seeking to differentiate their business.