Goodbye & Hello – My six months with Data Science team

Goodbye & Hello – My six months with Data Science team

I've had the privilege to spend the last six months with BIGDATAPUMP's Data Science team in Finland. It's been a great experience to work in a multi-cultural environment with very talented individuals from a variety of academical backgrounds, albeit physics is quite over-represented at the moment. I assume that a career in Data Science comes natural, given the daily struggles of a physicist.

Creating Big Data, Machine Learning, A.I, Deep Learning, #random_ds_buzzwords, ... solutions with curious, well-rounded people has been highly valuable and delightful. Much appreciated!

On the first day, I was introduced to the Azure cloud platform, it's ML capabilities, some SQL and relational databases. Due to my 'mathy' background I was lacking in that area (SQL is not part of the Math Departments curriculum). I had mainly fooled around with python on my spare time. Coming straight out of school, I realized that the real world problems are not designed to highlight the pros and cons of certain methods like the R/Matlab projects assigned to me in various statistical and optimization courses. The amount of data is orders of magnitude greater and is not nearly as clean. Therefore, there where plenty of steps and tools to learn before getting to a point where I could implement the knowledge gained prior to my time at BIGDATAPUMP. Tools like for instance Azure HDInsight, Amazon EMR, Apache Spark (PySpark), Azure Container Services, Azure Data Lake and so on. It's quite a rapidly evolving field, which only makes it more fascinating.

Since then, I had the opportunity to work with interesting projects involving some of the biggest companies in Finland. Based on the amount of work coming in and the client base, I think it's safe to say that BIGDATAPUMP has established quite a name for themselves/ourselves in Finland at the very least. Given that not too long ago it was just a couple of guys in a garage, it's pretty impressive.

The time has come for me to move back to Sweden, due to the expansion towards the Swedish market. I'm exited and honored to be part the growth process and I'm "committed to solving any analytical challenge". That's our company slogan by the way.

I'm truly grateful and it's been an amazing journey this far.