15 Must Wins of Data Cloud

15 Must Wins of Data Cloud

The time of the cloud is here. This means the traditional on-premise playbook is no longer valid and it is those who embrace data driven digital transformation that will survive - and prosper.

However, data and analytics transformations are usually company-wide projects, and starting to see the bottom line impact takes time. Identifying the low-hanging fruits and delivering their benefits alongside of the larger transformation helps the organization to avoid change fatigue and provides tangible examples of data benefits.

This is why we have created this 15 Must Wins of Data Cloud -eBook: to help you understand the importance of this need for change and to win in the era of the cloud.

In the eBook we will tell you more about these themes (and 10 more):

  1. Moving from data collection to data monetization
  2. How to provide world-class analytics operations in a non-infrastructure world
  3. How API architectures enable the data use in scale
  4. Bringing Artificial Intelligence solutions to the forefront can take the customer experiences on the new level
  5. Industrial IoT enabled by Intelligent cloud


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