Qlik Sense

Last July, Qlik announced the release of a new product family, Qlik Sense. The product family contains Qlik Sense desktop application, Qlik Sense Platform and Qlik Sense Cloud, which is still a beta-version, but it’ll provide users the ability to upload and share apps with others.

Qlik Sense desktop application is a self-service and data discovery tool with fast and easy to use drag-and-drop features and a user friendly UI.

Social media sentiment analysis for Finnish parliamentary elections

Bigdatapump participates in the www.vaalipohina.fi website for following the social media activity related to the Finnish parliamentary elections on 19.4.2015. One element of the site is the sentiment analysis of Twitter messages. It relates various emotional states to the ongoing discussion around the main political parties. But how one actually performs the real time text analysis in Finnish?

Creating rich customer understanding based on clickstream data

According to Wikipedia, a clickstream is the recording of the parts of the screen a computer user clicks on while web browsing or using another software application. Traditionally, companies have been using clickstream data to get information about customer actions on their website and to understand what is working well on their website and to optimize their sales conversion funnel.

Pentaho CE tips

Pentaho CE, i.e. Pentaho Community Edition, suite solution is an open source version of the BI-tool provided and developed by Pentaho. The product provides tools for data-integration, ETL-processes, OLAP-services, dashboarding and for data-mining. The BI-suite operates over Java software platform and is available for Windows, Linux and for Mac OS X operating systems.  

If you want to offer a better Customer Experience in 2016, you’d better hurry up

Customer Intelligence enables offering of a better, personal and data driven customer experience.

Data and analytics are needed to be able to offer a personal, best-in-class customer experience for the customer. You need to start with data collection. The first step of collecting the data is to define and standardize your company’s data capture processes: