Creating rich customer profiles and a world-class advertising capability


Aller has an exceptional position and a unique access to rich data in Finland as they are operating the most widely used social discussion forum “Suomi 24”.

Project targets

  • To take full advantage of the data and to build a world class advertising capability
  • To combine offline and online data and to enrich that data with advanced analytics capabilities in order to create extremely rich customer analytical profiles

BIGDATAPUMP developed a technology vision and technology architecture to support Aller’s business vision and targets.

Our responsibilities

  • Defining a data strategy and target architecture (Data and Analytics Platform, DAP)
  • Integrating customer data from different online and offline sources and merging that data into rich customer analytical profiles
  • Transferring the anonymized profiles over to DMP for further data enrichment and sales

Aller Rikastamo was publicly launched on February 2016 in Musiikkitalo, Helsinki. The launch was a great success.

Customer value

  • Rich customer profiles that are used in targeted, programmatic and premium ad campaigns within Aller’s own online services and through ad networks
  • A visually engaging reporting for guaranteed performance
  • Continuous development of Aller’s DAP capability to meet future business needs

Janne Pullinen (Aller)
— Janne Pullinen (Director of Marketing Services in Aller)

About Aller Media

Aller Media is one of the largest media companies in Scandinavia, and publish more than 20 notable magazines and newspapers. Their online services attract millions of users with 100 million page loads per month. As a company having access to a vast amount of data, Aller Media is well focused on big data initiatives.

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