Dubizzle #1

Building excellence in data & analytics to boost competitiveness


dubizzle is the #1 classifieds site in the Middle East where you can buy and sell anything online. The company operates in 14 countries in the Middle East and Africa area. To maintain and grow the position as the leading online marketplace in the area, excellence in data and analytics is required.

Project targets

  • Building a visual, well planned and understandable management view to the renewed company KPI’s, with the ability to explore data on a detailed level
  • Giving an access to real-time data exploration for business analysts, to run advanced and customized analytics at any time
  • Implementing a modern, cloud-based analytics platform that integrates all critical data sources

The whole project was executed using iterative development, i.e. agile principles. In the face-to-face workshops architecture and KPI fundamentals were agreed upon. Daily scrum meetings over Skype between United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Finland were held to keep the project delivering every day towards the launch target.

Our responsibilities

  • Conducting an intensive data strategy and architecture analysis
  • Cloud platform and BI tools selection
  • Setting up a cloud based analytics platform 
  • Conducting key data integrations on platform and running the data modeling
  • Developing a highly visual BI and analysis solution to enable decision making and data analysis

As a result of a thorough data strategy and architecture analysis, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected as a platform for the data management solution. The analytics architecture is a combination of S3 Simple storage and Elastic Map Reduce Hadoop, supported with a Redshift columnar data warehouse solution, and Tableau as the discovery tool.

Customer value

  • Improved visibility and real-time access to insights
  • Ability to set company yearly business targets against the new corporate KPIs 
  • Ability to measure the success of digital campaigns
  • Ability to analyze trends and patterns on micro-level
  • An agile solution that can be easily scaled up for growing business needs.

This 4-5 months project with BIGDATAPUMP made a massive improvement on our capability to lead our business with data and analytics and improved our overall data quality. We have received a lot of positive feedback inside the company about how the project was executed. This is a great baseline to build our customer lifecycle management analytics further.
— Andrew Murgatroyd, CFO, dubizzle

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