Factory – Production optimization

Production optimization

Customer is a global multi-billion manufacturing company, which employs near 2000 employees in Scandinavia.

Project targets

Customer’s production unit was using basic excel file based approach to report production levels andproduction status. Target was to double the capacity of production in a long run. Improved visibility and data driven processes were needed to support the target.

Project target was to put data based decision making as a part of the production’s core processes and on daily operations. Target was also build improved visibility with a real-time status of work monitoring and build a near real-time visibility of each workers tasks priorities for each production phases.

Our responsibilities

First BIGDATAPUMP developed a master plan approach how to develop a solution and organizational competencies to achieve required operational capacity.
Implementation started with the part of production which will bring the most business value for the company and process got started by developing a visually appealing and dynamic proof of concept solution. Solution was utilizing MS Azure cloud platform with MS Power BI dashboard for selected KPIs. KPIs were selected to be the ones which will help the users in their hourly, daily, weekly level decision making. Platform was designed using BIGDATAPUMP’s best practice (serverless architecture) configuration.

After setting the base platform, BIGDATAPUMP automated the data flows from key data sources. Data was brought visible in near real-time on info screens’ dashboards in production facilities. Reporting solutions were also customized for different user groups based on their decision making needs.

The results exceeded all the expectations and the work continues for different production phases and target is next to include predictive analytics capabilities using Azure Machine Learning solution.

  • Created a phased approach to develop the solution and organizational competencies

  • Set up the Azure cloud platform to support the customer’s current and future needs

  • Integrating databases and data sources to the cloud architecture

  • Building near real-time updating dashboards for info screens

  • Building reporting solutions for different user groups based on their decision making needs

Customer value

BIGDATAPUMP solution gives a near real time visibility on production process status with more granular details than in the past. Solution enables customer to manage the operations and to plan and optimize how to use the production capacity more optimally in longer term. For employees solution gives a visibility about the priorization of the tasks and target levels of the materials each phase should produce to make the factory run in optimal level.