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Nokia device analytics went to cloud

HMD Global, the new home for Nokia phones, realized that exceptional customer experience and operations require smart data. Smart data capability combines rich real-time customer data from all relevant sources and enriches it with advanced data science and AI capabilities.

New data-driven operations were born with the help of CGI Advanced Analytics Solutions.

Smart data capability enables superior customer experience

A mobile device is a context sensitive product which acts as a sensor that monitors the activities of the person carrying it. The device provides a unique portfolio of behavioral information that can be used to improve the services provided to customers.

In the age of online shopping, customers expect to be served in the channel they prefer. New kind of business requires new kind of customer service – and of course, new kind of customer data and AI services.

“We need to be able to understand our customer’s journey better and build the dialogue around the customer value”, says HMD Global’s CIO Jussi Sorvali. “The more we know, the better we will be able to serve them. We want to stand out with our data-driven services”

In order to do so, the first step is to integrate all the customer data together. “We cannot afford silos”, Jussi Sorvali says. “For example when we are in a contact center dialogue with our customer, it is essential that we know what have been discussed already, what the person’s intent is and which channels he/she prefers to use. Superior customer experience is a key to success, and that cannot be achieved without smart and timely data.”

Data and analytics service in Azure cloud

The core of HMD Global’s new data-driven operations is a modern cloud infrastructure, which holds all the relevant customer data. “Anyone from sales reps to a customer service agent can access it wherever they are”, says Jukka Saukkonen, IT Director at HMD Global. “And since it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to invest in servers.”

The data capability offers invaluable insights for both operational and strategic purposes. “Smart and real-time data enables us to understand our entire clientele better and act accordingly”, Jukka Saukkonen explains. “We can make better strategic decisions based on facts, not gut-feeling.”

HMD Global’s cloud of choice is Microsoft Azure, which combines all the necessary elements under one roof, and enables the data to run smoothly from one application to another. The implementation period went smoothly as well. “The data capability was up and running in two months”, Jukka Saukkonen concludes.

CGI Advanced Analytics Solutions has a high-performer team with the right mix of technology, business, and legacy knowledge. We run as one team towards a common goal while planning well our foundations for data and analytics – always innovating with modern cloud technologies!
— Jukka Saukkonen, IT Director, HMD Global

About HMD Global

HMD Global is the new home for Nokia phones, the iconic Finnish mobile brand. The new generation of Nokia smartphones and tablets will run on the Android operating system, which is the leading mobile software in the world.