Optimizing cargo operations with new digital services

MacGregor offers world leading engineering solutions and services for the maritime industry. The company aims at providing solutions that add value to their customers’ business. MacGregor needed a solution, which would give their customers the option to utilize digital technology in ensuring their shipments’ status and safety.

Project targets

  • To optimize transportation capacity and to maximize security
  • To give MacGregor’s customers the option to utilize digital technology in managing cargo operations
  • To replace the existent manual process progress reporting system with a digital solution

CGI Advanced Analytics Solutions set up a demonstration environment to illustrate how to utilize IoT in maximizing security and optimizing transportation capacity. In a cooperation with our sensor partner we introduced a modern technology with sensors to collect data to Microsoft Azure cloud environment. In addition, CGI Advanced Analytics Solutionsconceptualized, designed and created a native iOS application for tablet and mobile devices.

Our responsibilities

  • Creating a new service concept
  • Developing advanced analytic models to enrich and interpret sensor data
  • Developing predictive analytics 
  • User interface & visual design and implementation with Power BI
  • Building a mobile solution (IoS native) to optimize the process

The first phase of the project resulted in a successfull demonstration, after which the project proceeded to the proof of concept phase with detailed conceptualization and beta testing in practice.

Customer value

  • The solution makes processes transparent and possible bottle necks visible and enables continuous improvement of the processes. 
  • Visual dashboards enable easy decision making based on analytics.
  • Communication of real-time process progress to a wider audience than previously is possible. 
  • The solution enables analysis and evaluations on a global level.


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CGI Advanced Analytics Solutions has the data and analytics know-how that meets our needs. It has been inspiring to see how data collected from different sources by sensors, combined with intuitive user interface, can give our customers the option to utilize digital technology in real-time.
— Janne Suominen, Manager, MacGregor Cargo System Development

About MacGregor

MacGregor is a family of innovators. By offering engineering solutions and services for handling marine cargoes and offshore loads they make the sea more accessible, safe and reliable for those whose livelihood depends on the changing conditions of the sea.

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