Realia Group

Discovering future opportunities using big data and analytics

With digitalization information is sought primarily from the web. Genuine understanding of customer needs and behavior is achieved by collecting information from different sources and by combining and analyzing it. Customer experience can be improved by offering customer-oriented solutions based on real knowledge. 

Project targets

  • To understand customer needs better and to provide them with the right solutions at the right time
  • To innovate new services and concepts

Our responsibilities

  • Mapping and analyzing the current state, strengths and weaknesses of Realia Group's customer view, data architecture components, data streams and the use of customer data, and making a web development assessment
  • Making a proposal for the customer view and relationship management (CRM) solutions and development opportunities
  • Making a proposal for web site development

Customer value

  • Solid plans for combining transactional and behavioral data to a 360 customer view, data architecture development, web development, and steps forward
  • Enhanced capability of selecting the best-fit web services vendor

Realia Group's next objective was to continue developing the web services and to make decisions for future development. Web services procurement process and contract negotiations supported by BIGDATAPUMP were launched in order to find the best partner for the future needs.

The current status and future possibilities mapping was a quick six-week project driven by the experienced team of BIGDATAPUMP. We received a comprehensive proposal for the future business development opportunities and will continue to work on it. Co-operation with BIGDATAPUMP experts went smoothly and we can highly recommend them to customer relationship management projects.
— Anu-Elina Hintsa, SVP Marketing and Strategy, Realia Group

About Realia Group

Realia Group Ltd is a residential and commercial property management specialist group that provides its customers with comprehensive solutions for the residential and commercial real estate services sector. Realia Group's subsidiaries operate in the real estate brokerage and property management sectors in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Realia brands include Realia Isännöinti, Realia Management, Realia Asuntovuokraus, Huoneistokeskus, SKV, Huom! and Ober-Haus A/S.

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