Sanoma Group

3 years transformation to become an analytics driven company


Sanoma Group is the leading European media group with operations in over 10 European countries.  To respond to the changes in media consumption, advertising and media industry overall, Sanoma established a global, multi-year transformation program to become an analytics driven company.

Project targets

  • To build a 360 degree customer view
  • To build a portfolio of analytics products to enable corporate transformation
  • To build an organization and organizational culture to become analytics driven 

BIGDATAPUMP has worked with Sanoma Group for several years creating a digital transformation strategy and driving the transformation as the outsourced Program Management Office. During this versatile and large project we have conducted multiple analyses about the existing architecture, strategy and provided consultancy on the digital transformation. We have also managed the actual work including development of several data analytics solutions.

Our responsibilities

  • Conducting multiple analyses about the existing architecture and proposing the target architecture landscape
  • Setting up customer centric KPIs and dashboards
  • Leading the development of advertising performance optimization tools including attribution modeling and ad performance measurement for mobile and video channels
  • Conducting Visualization and BI tool Proof of Concept processes to support tool selections, and ramping up the selected new BI platform
  • Establishing processes to manage the data asset and related privacy processes for Sanoma Group

We continuously support our customer’s push for a data-driven culture. 

Customer value

  • Data driven media products development enabling the company transformation
  • New B2B advertising products for sales
  • Improved CRM capabilities to improve bundle sales, lift and reduce churn

About Sanoma Group

SANOMA GROUP is a leading European media group based in Helsinki with operations in over 10 European countries and turnover of over 2B€. Sanoma is among the top five European magazine publishers and it is running leading digital services in Finland and the Netherlands.

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