Improving contact center service level using a customer 360° solution


Mobile network operators work in a very competitive environment where it is crucial to stand out from the competition. A company’s level of service is almost directly reflected in their customers’ satisfaction, and therefore the operators demand efficient and valuable tools for customer relationship management.

Project target

  • To empower contact center employees by providing relevant customer information derived from consumer behavioral data (e.g. different service consumption patterns) and other data points (e.g. market situation, demographics, services in use)

BIGDATAPUMP Ltd developed a data analytics based CRM solution for Tecnotree. The solution consisted of the design and the implementation for data collection and architecture. 

Our responsibilities

  • Concept creation
  • Solution architecture design and implementation with Amazon Web Service
  • Customer State Index creation and aggregations with R
  • Web based user interface design & development in JSON format

Using the Analytical Engine (AE) our solution merges the information from the various data sources, such as customer profile and network status information, and processes them to personalized decision-making tools.

Customer value

  • A customer 360 solution enabling contact center employees to anticipate potential reasons an individual customer is contacting them, and to offer each customer a product with highest probability s/he is willing to buy next 
  • A web-based user interface providing an easy utilization of the Customer State Index

BIGDATAPUMP proposed a plan for commissioning the product in the next phase. AE supports supervised machine learning method for constantly improving the product’s performance using feedback algorithm from customer data after the implementation phase.

About Tecnotree

Tecnotree is a global provider of telecom IT solutions for the management of products, customers and revenue.

Tecnotree helps communications service providers to transform their business towards a marketplace of digital services. Tecnotree empowers service providers to monetize  service bundles, provide personalised user experiences and augment value throughout the customer lifecycle.


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