Optimizing production efficiency through automated data collection

Data and analytics are in the center of VAPO’s new strategy paving the way for operational excellence. The target of this project was to automate the collection of VAPO’s current and future production and consumption data, which would allow for optimizing production efficiency in its facilities. Prior to this project all needed data was collected manually, which required a lot of time and effort.

Project targets

  • To automate the collection of production and consumption data in one facility
  • To make processes more transparent
  • To develop a scorecard that is easily customizable for other VAPO facilities

BIGDATAPUMP executed the project in cooperation with a partner. The partner was responsible for physical sensors as well as for collecting and sending the data to Microsoft Azure cloud service. 

Our responsibilities

  • Factory analytics’ development
  • Data platform set up (cloud based)
  • Database development and implementation using Microsoft Azure
  • Dashboard framework & visual design and BI development using Microsoft Power BI

Project was concluded with great results. We successfully configured a scalable production system that is easily customizable to other equivalent facilities of the customer. 

Customer value

  • A highly visual dashboard providing a user-friendly interface for data analysis
  • Reduced workload as the manual data collection was automated
  • Increased real-time process transparency enabling efficiency
  • A scalable production system that is easily customizable for other VAPO facilities

BIGDATAPUMP provided a clear project plan and roadmap for the execution and the outcome was exactly what was promised. The management team of Vapo was able to get a clear picture of the current status of our IT architecture and alternative solutions for how to improve in the future.
— Suvi Kupiainen, CFO, Vapo

About Vapo

Vapo is a leading developer of bioenergy operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The group also includes Vapo Timber and Kekkilä. With its vast peat and wood fuels resources Vapo supports the consumption of domestic fuels and is a major regional employer throughout Finland.

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