Our cutting-edge expertise in analytics and data science helps you to stand out.



Big Data & Data Strategy

Our Data Strategists will help you stand out with data and analytics. We advise you about Big Data, data strategy, technologies that best fit the needs of your organization, and the implementation of the selected data strategies and solutions. We also assist you in making customer privacy a strategic asset for your company. 

We have helped customers in multiple business branches on B2C, Finance, Energy and Manufacturing define the direction for the future and start the transformation journey.


Data Science

Our Data Scientists take the utilization of data to the next level. Combining thorough business understanding with advanced skills in statistical, mathematical and predictive modelling, they are able to build the algorithms necessary to turn massive data sets into actionable insights.

BIGDATAPUMP's Data Scientists have PhD studies on background in Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, and Econometrics. When combining their expertise, miracles will happen.


Data & Technology architecture

Our Architects assist you in finding the right areas to collect and manage data. We also help you define the most appropriate, future-proof technology platform for your analytics. In selecting the right tools and technologies, we are independent and objective.

Examples of technologies we have used in our solutions include Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Teradata, Oracle, Kinesis, Kafka, Cloudera Hadoop, MapR Hadoop, Hortonworks Hadoop, and AWS EMR.


Data Engineering

We process hundreds of terabytes of data every month. Our Data Engineers know how to manage, transfer and transform your data into most usable format for the analytics using the most effective solutions. They are experts in building large-scale data processing systems and modern data warehousing solutions, working with the most effective technology stack.


BI & Visualization

Clear and highly visual views to relevant data and KPIs enable you to keep track on performance and act upon potential deviations on a real-time basis. By producing insightful analysis on data our Business Intelligence Developers turn your data into an actionable format. The data is visualized by our Professional Designers, and analytics brought alive by the skills of our Front End and Full Stack Developers. 

We use the best tools on the market for building highly visual Business Intelligence solutions: QlikView, Tableau, Pentaho, Microsoft BI or a custom solution developed with HTML5.


Project Management

Taking analytics into use requires superior ability in executing projects. Project Management is one of the core skills of the BIGDATAPUMP team.


Our solutions have been successfully implemented in almost 100 customer cases in Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East representing both digital-only companies and traditional organisations moving into the digital era.

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